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3 Benefits of a Memory Foam Pillow

These days, a lot of people are complaining of having back and neck problems. That is because of spending a lot of hours seated working in front of computers or traveling. This is made even worse from sleeping in uncomfortable mattress and pillows. Fortunately, thanks to Memory foam pillows these problems are bound to reduce. Memory foam pillow or visco elastic foam is a type of pillow that is dense and viscous. It is mostly used a form of cushion for airplane seats because of its numerous attributes.

memory foam pillows

Neck and head Support

Comfortable memory foam pillows are a great support for your neck. That is because of its dense nature that combines elements of softness and solidity thus ensuring that your neck is well protected through ought your sleep. A lot of people love this attribute as it is different from most traditional pillows which tend to have a twisted balance between comfort and solidity.  Memory pillows also come in various shapes and sizes and can therefore be easily carried to work or used to support your neck when traveling long distances.

Prevents Overheating

Much like a natural bamboo pillow a traditional pillows which tend to be stuffy, memory foam pillow are made of breathable material that keeps your body temperature in check. This prevents you from constantly waking up at night due to overheating.

Allergy Resistant

Being allergic to certain fabrics should not prevent you from using a pillow. That is because unlike traditional pillows, memory foam pillows are hypoallergenic; their fibres are resistant to bacteria, fungus and allergens.  This makes sleeping a safe experience as you will not have to worry any more about contracting disease through your pillow.

You can watch a video on allergies below.


If you are experiencing stiff neck pains or have trouble sleeping, it is most probably that you are using the wrong pillow. To be safe, you can pick on a memory foam pillow as it boasts of many therapeutic benefits.