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revive the damaged plants

How to revive damaged plants from cold temperatures?

Well, cold temperatures especially when it gets typically freezing – the plants start to get damaged and prone to dying. Extreme temperatures harm the plant. But it does not mean that you cannot save, protect or revive the damaged plants from cold temperatures.

Know the cold hardiness of plants

When the temperature is falling, it is essential to keep an eye on the cold hardiness of the plants before you let them out in the cold. If a plant cannot survive beyond 5 degrees – any drop below that would lead to the frosting. Divide your plants into sections according to their temperature control and put them in proper controlled temperatures.

Remove ice scrapes

Frosted plants have a lot of collected icy flakes on them which is further holding the cold temperature on the plant. Cut down on it by lightly scraping the ice off the plant. Do not quickly de-frost the plant though! The removal of ice would prevent further damage and start with the revival process right-away!

Reviving damaged plants

Plants do not get damaged when exposed to a little cold. They might turn damp and too soft. But it is the extreme temperatures which shall damage the tissues thoroughly which is impossible to revive. Light frost won’t be a danger and hence can be restored by bringing the plant back to its normal temperature. Hard frost is hard to recover from as the tissues are damaged already. Soon enough when the sun would rise the quick defrosting would lead to even more damage which shall almost kill the stems, leaves and even roots.

how to revive damaged plants

To revive the frosted plants firstly keep them away from direct sunlight right after frosting. Give it the time to defrost on its own naturally. If possible remove the icy layer on the leaves with cleaners and lightly mist foliage. If you spot the dead stems or dead parts of the plant – do not rush to cut it – wait until spring to cut it as it’s the best time to bloom it again.

Protecting from cold frost

When the temperature starts dropping – saving the plants is vital. The best way to go about it is to control the temperature. Cover the plant with sheets, breathable plastic covers or sacks so that plants can breathe and yet not get the cold. Once the sun rises in the morning remove the sacks and let the sunlight do its magic. Keeping the plants indoors can be a good trick too. Potted plants should be moved to shades.

Recovery Aids

When the cold is persisting, the plants won’t need much of water so watering once would be enough. This would aid life through the sunlight period and help the plant get back to normal. The damaged plants shall take time and are to be watered only after the cold temperature is gone. Add little water for the recovery period until the plant starts back again with bloom.

Fertilizing the plant

Avoid unnecessary fertilisation. You might get tempted to load the plant with a lot of pollination to make them grow back faster. But the plant takes only that is required – rest would prove to be a burden. So avoid doing it altogether. Protect the plant from additional temperature changes while nurturing it with just a little of fertilisation and water.

Replace the broken pots

A severe weather can often lead to broken pots and cracks which will not help the plant to get back to life again. Replace the fractured pots with a larger new one to let the plant hold its roots together. You can get deals for this on and find beautiful pieces. Just let the plant breathe in a better pot and wait for the spring.

The revival of damaged plants due to cold temperatures will require a good deal of time and patience. The plant needs utter balance of temperatures and nurture to grow back in time. Just protect it from further cold to prevent it from further damage. As soon as the spring strikes back again – the plant shall get back to life!

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