What Are the Different Types of Braces, and Which Is Right

There are different types of braces out there, and each has its set of pros and cons. However, you’d have to visit an orthodontic treatment clinic in order to learn of the different types of braces available, and which one is right for you.

Who needs braces?

  • Anyone with protruding teeth can try out braces to try and straighten their teeth.
  • People with overcrowded teeth can also do with braces.
  • Braces are also ideal for people with spaced teeth.
  • Also worth noting is that braces can be used by both adults and children.

What are the different types of braces available?

  • Ceramic braces; ceramic braces are made of a delicate material, and are made to look like the real teeth. Ceramic braces are right for you if you can be able to take the good care that these braces require, otherwise they will get stained very fast.
  • Invisalign braces; invisalign braces are a great option; they are very effective and easy to use. They are made of a clear material and are thus not easily noticeable.
  • Incognito braces; better known as lingual braces, these braces are inserted on the inner side of the teeth. They are practically difficult to notice, and are ideal for anyone wishing to correct their teeth without attracting undue attention.
  • Metal braces; good old metal braces have been there since the beginning, they are the most common type of braces. They are affordable, very effective, but most people detest them for the fact that they are very noticeable, what with the wires crisscrossing across the teeth!
  • Invisible braces; these braces spare the wearer the common bands and wires that are usually visible with other braces for adults. These invisible braces are really invisible, and only a keen observer would notice them.

What will determine the right kind of braces for you?

  • Usually, the kind of braces you’ll use will be determined by the complexity of your condition, and also the professional advice of the orthodontist.
  • Your budget will also determine the braces you’ll get. If your budget is tight, you can go for metallic braces. But if your budget is unlimited, then you can opt for incognito braces.


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