What does it mean to be a cosmetic dentist in 2016?

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch where any dentist seeking accreditation in cosmetic surgery can apply to the board and take specialist training and courses and be certified in cosmetic surgery. It is not an officially recognized speciality though. The advantage of gaining cosmetic dentistry certification is it adds to ones professional skills and expertise and with cosmetic dentistry being on the rise, there is demand for such skills.


What does it meant to be a cosmetic dentist in 2016?

  • With the rise of social media and the Hollywood image of glamour, more patients want to have perfect smiles. A cosmetic dentist helps raise a patience self esteem, gives them a boost in confidence and a sense of personal achievement. Great before and after photos create a good portfolio which can lead to an increase in patients.
  • Many dental companies are willing to send free products to a well known and relaible cosmetic private dentist London to try before using them on their patients. Sampling helps increase the range of services a cosmetic dentist can provide. This means being able to serve more patients successfully and when patients are happy, doctors are happy and this might lead to more business.
  • On the other hand, the cost of becoming a cosmetic dentist is high. The average cost of training is close to £300,000 after all classes and certifications have been completed. It also takes years to finish ones dentistry degree, training, and residency in addition to a few more years to specialize in cosmetic services.
  • Upon completion, one might hope that there are a large number of people waiting for you to start your practice and yet, it takes some time for clients to come in and even longer to find clients who have the finances to pay for cosmetic surgery.
  • Because it is essential for cosmetic candidates to have strong teeth initially, a lot of time is devoted to fixing any pain, filling cavities and root canals before starting the cosmetic process. Some patients expect to walk into a doctor’s office and leave with a perfect smile, not knowing the process, procedures or time it takes before they get to achieve those results for same day dentistry
  • There are instances where patients might not be happy with the results of their veneers or implants and this may mean additional procedures which can be stressful. The downside of this is that it may lead to negative publicity.
  • All in all, cosmetic dentistry can be a highly rewarding field. Knowing that you are helping patients increase their self esteem leads to a great personal sense of achievement, but there is a cost in terms of money and time.
  • It is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic dentistry when choosing a speciality.


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